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Check out this gorgeous Arterial build by one of our customer.

Customer said that :

I added an eight pin GX16 style connector to the case, with matching connector on the waterbox. This carries 5V standby power, the “PS Good” signal from the ATX connector, ground, and a 5-pin USB bundle. The first three drive a small SPDT relay that acts as a power switch for a separate 400W HDplex DC PSU. So when the “power good” signal goes high from the PC’s PSU (a 5V signal), the relay will close and thus the DC PSU in the water box comes on. This DC PSU in the water box is driven by a 200W fanless AC/DC converter also from HDplex, and also mounted to the baseplate of the waterbox. Basically the waterbox PSU is now slaved to the PC. Works like a charm! I can’t say enough good things about Larry and HDPlex. I have a small server cluster in my guest room closet that hosts a 32TB VSAN all on M.2 SATA drives. All using fanless HDplex power supplies in their fanless cases. I use their stuff whenever I can. In the waterbox, there was plenty of room for AC/DC converter, DC PSU, Aquastream (thanks for the mounting holes btw!), Hubby7, AC Octo, and relay.


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