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The Caselabs SMA8 Mid Dual D5 Distribution Plate fits onto the mid plate of the Caselabs SMA8 and SMA8-A. It has integrated Dual D5 Pump Tops and also comes with Protium D5 Pump Covers included. The D5 pumps are in series. It has 4 ports, the inlet for the first pump, then an outlet down to the radiator in the lower compartment, an inlet from the radiator and an oulet up to the GPUs. The hole spacing for the pump/reservoir combos is configured for Protium products but can be used with others. There are also ports to connect down to the radiators in the lower compartment and up to the GPUs. Any radiator can be used in the lower compartment. The rear radiator position cannot be used with this distro due to the position of the pumps. There is an LED strip position along the front edge of the distro which is hidden by the mid plate of the case.


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