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Another Caselabs case painted by Singularity Computers. I spent over 60hrs spraying this case. I wanted to achieve a perfect flat high gloss finish on all of the outer panels. This is a very difficult task because it requires cutting back the clear coat with 2000 grit sand paper. If you wear through on an edge or a corner, that’s it its ruined, you go all the way back to primer. After that I flow coated it, which is another clear coat, very thin and carefully sprayed. Then I cut it flat again with 2000 grit and then 2500 and 3000 grit. Then I buffed it. The Shadow Silver Pearl is a custom special effect, a paint I had created just for this case. It is sprayed over black and its semi transparent so you can sometimes see the black. This case is perfectly configured to maximize a liquid cooling system. It will actually be for sale soon so let me know if you are interested. All of the products I used were DNA, aside from the black basecoat and the pearl which are Dupont.


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