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The Caselabs THW10 Distribution Plate fits onto the Reservoir Panel of the Caselabs Magnum THW10, TH10, TX10, STH10, SMA8 and SMA8-A. It fits two Protium 200mm Pump Reservoir Combos so that you can have the best of both worlds, a Singularity Computers Distribution Plate and Protium Combos. This is a dual loop distribution plate. There are 19 ports, 7 of those are on the back for fill, drain and accessory ports. Any unused ports can be closed with a stop fitting. On the front there are 10 ports, 7 of these are the through ports to the above-mentioned ports on the back and 3 of these are for inlets and outlets. Each Protium Pump Top Outlet runs directly into the distro and the outlets for these will be in the centre of your motherboard just above the GPU so that you can run to the GPUs with one loop and the CPU area with the other. Then there are return lines at the top and bottom of the distro each returning to an inlet on each of the Protium Combos.


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