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In part 4 I build the water-cooling loop and fill it which is always the best part of building a water-cooled system. I start the video by answering the common question ‘How do I choose fittings for my build’, not a simple answer. Part 5 will cover the completion of the build and the test results.


  1. i don’t want to sound like the master of watercooling because i’m far from anything like it, but in my personal opinion, I would have painted the RAM tops green and then made the tube that exits the cpu symetric to the cpu intake. The way I imagine that modification makes the build a bit more colorful and a bit more balanced. But as I said, this is miles away from i would be capable to do. Keep the great work!

    • tbh i think it will depend on the leds he’s going to use. E.g. in my case I got the same ram with a silver-black and blue pc, when I turn on leds they become the same color as leds.

      • I was more concerned about the symmetry in the tubing than on the colour of the ram, but you’re absolutely right, i completely forgot the leds.


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