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We are getting close to reaching our first Patreon goal. The future of Singularity Computers is looking very bright thanks to all of you. I have started to step things up ready to achieve the goals that we have set. In particular more videos and once we reach our first target we will be able to do scheduled videos also. We also have some other exciting developments happening such as our partnership with MDPC-X and I am starting manufacturing of a number of new products. I have some epic content coming up over the next month. Thank you so much to our Patrons, we couldn’t do it without you. You are all just as much a part of SC as I am.

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  1. You have always been the top Modder in my book Daniel. It is incredible the amount of RESPECT you show everyone and the incredible informative video’s plus tips you selfishly share with us all. Thank you for always looking out for everyone and treating people the way they deserve especially us beginners. You are the reason why I have such an interest in Modding so thanks Mod On boss I wish you the best of success and fortune this year and many years to come.

    • Hi @disqus_q9CmMjFYmx:disqus Thanks so much for the kind words and your wishes. Mod on indeed mate! thanks for dropping by 🙂

  2. Hey Dan, congrats on the success of SC and the partnership with MDPC-X is huge, they are pretty selective about who they partner with. Some monetary support for you is well deserved and it’s awesome your delivering on the promise of more content in return. I hope you keep building for clients though. Hope one day to get a system built by you but by the sounds of your waiting list I should get my order in before I can actually afford it. 🙂

    One of my favourite vids of yours was the cable modding video. Convinced me of 2 things. I much prefer custom cables without the sleeving, and while I now know how to do it, I also know I don’t have the patience for it. Hats off to you and the work you do.

    • Thanks Jason. Yep we are very excited about our partnership with MDPC-X. I have been using their products since the beginning so its amazing to be working with them. It will really help us to achieve our goals with the channel. I will definitely still be doing client builds at least for the next few years and I will always take on a small number of client builds. There is a big waiting list, lots of awesome build logs coming up for the channel. Yep not using heatshrink is totally superior for strength and in my opinion aesthetics. Wiring is by far the most time consuming part of a high end system if you do all of it custom from the ground up. Thank you so much, you and our other viewers and fans make all of this possible.

    • He actually said in the video that people would find it boring, not me I was transfixed. The Modding aspect I love. My favourite parts are when he gets his Dremmel out, I only recently just boought one 🙂


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