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Corsair has recently released their new Corsair ML Fan range. ML stands for Magnetic Levitation which refers to the new bearing technology. This is an interesting feature because it means that the fans have almost no friction. This will mean lower noise but most importantly it means that these fans last a very long time. They come with a 5 year warranty which is something you don’t often see on fans. They are a great looking fan, very industrial, clean and understated. The only branding is in the centre of the blades and although it’s obvious, it’s still quite subtle. They have a really solid high quality look and feel to them. They come in a range of versions and colours including three different LED versions.

These fans will make excellent radiator fans because of their specifications; they have a high Static Pressure and CFM. They are also designed for maximum reliability. There is something which needs to be strongly considered when purchasing these fans. At maximum RPM they are extremely loud at 37 dBA. These fans cannot be used without a very good form of fan control. They are PWM so you can connect them up to headers on your motherboard and control the RPM that way, but I suggest something a little more effective such as a good fan controller or ultimately the Aquaero. These fans will be very quiet below 1500rpm, this is what I suggest using them at. If you want that headroom though it is there when these fans ramp up to their maximum RPM.


  • Magnetic Bearing:
    Harnesses magnetic levitation technology to provide lower noise, higher performance, and a longer lifespan.
  • Custom Rotor Design:
    Delivers the perfect balance between high static pressure and high airflow, operating flawlessly in the most challenging environments.
  • Extensive Control Range:
    A 2,000 RPM control range gives you total control between low noise and absolute performance.
  • Color Customization:
    Replaceable corners mounted to anti-vibration rubber dampers allow you to match you fans with the rest of your build while delivering quiet operation at higher speeds.
  • Bold LED’s:
    Available in Red, White or Blue, the ultra-bright LEDs mounted to the center harness output a vivid blast of light and color.



Static Pressure: 0.2-4.2.
CFM: 12-75.
Noise Output: 16-37 dBA. PWM.

Static Pressure: 0.2-3.0.
CFM: 17-97.
Noise Output: 16-37dBA. PWM.




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  1. Corsair fans are known for having issues with being split more than 2-4 times due to requiring a very strong PWM signal. Have you successfully tried splitting these to either 6 or 8 fans (480 and 420 in push/pull) fans on a single channel of the Aquaero or even just a motherboard? If so what fan splitter did you use, is it powered, and does it have a PWM signal booster?


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