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For almost 20 years Singularity Computers have been working on perfecting water-cooling. All our experience and ideas are collectively in our designs and our focus has been particularly on cases. We set out to create the perfect case for high-end water-cooling. With our hands on approach, constant testing, and product development we are always advancing.

Singularity Computers Distribution Plates

We have been designing distribution plates for many years and are well known for the distribution plate integration in Spectre and our other cases. Distribution plates should not just be an aesthetic feature, we design our distribution plates to improve the layout of a water-cooling loop for cleaner and shorter tube runs. The shorter the tube runs the higher the performance and the cleaner the loop will look.

Color/finish options

Our distribution plates have different color and finish options which can be selected on our product pages including, Black Gloss, Black Satin, Gold Mirror, Silver Mirror, Carbon Mirror, and White Gloss. The color options are for the LED covers and a full-sized rear cover which goes behind or under the distribution plate.


Our development process involves high pressure testing to make sure that our distribution plates can withstand many years of use. Very importantly it involves flow testing. We test air pockets and dead flow areas. Most importantly with a pump reservoir combo distribution plate we test for air removal. We carefully design our reservoirs to improve the air removal process.


For many years we have been perfecting our methods and have developed a formula for material thickness, fastener spacing and many other metrics. We use gaskets instead of O-rings for increased durability giving a larger contact surface area between the layers. We use high durability silicone which has excellent resistance to coolant over long time periods. We use stainless steel fasteners which have extremely high corrosion resistance.

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