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Three years ago I set out to create the most unique and the most high end case ever built. Every aspect of it had to be taken to its absolute extreme. I wanted to build the ‘Iron Man Suit’ of cases. This case is an exercise of how far we could go if we did our absolute best with every aspect. Most importantly there is a purpose behind how radical and unique it is. I knew it would be an immense challenge. How can a three person team create something so advanced when there are case manufacturers with millions of dollars at their disposal, huge design teams, engineers and factories all over the world, who wont take on such challenges.


  1. Can’t wait for the kickstarter! I knew it was a case when you first showed the mold on your channel. Much deserved success to you Daniel. Next up a radiator design?

  2. Wow dual 560mm rads, I was wondering what you had in there? Man you hit your goal, such an amazing case!!!

  3. I love you. No homo lol… Thanks for some more stellar products!

  4. It’s a beautiful masterpiece! can’t wait to see a video with a build in it!


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