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You can see the incredible effort and time that went into the development of our very first products. They are unquestionably ours, the ideas, the design, everything about them. When I put this concept out there, the idea of mounting a reservoir and pump to a radiator and fans, I knew that it would be copied very quickly. Once a simple idea like this is out there people think nothing of it and most people couldn’t care less about copying. I have wanted to be able to mount a reservoir to a radiator for nearly 10 years and no one did it, I was the first. Within 3 months it was copied by two of the big water-cooling companies. Watch every big water-cooling company will copy it, this concept will filter down into hundreds of products. Yet again we have shown how we start trends, how a small company can lead the industry. Us enthusiasts are at the cutting edge of this industry, we set the trends and the industry follows. We are the creators, where all of the ideas come from.


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