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Most of you know that I have been moving house over the past few days. I moved for one reason, to get faster internet so that I can upload more videos. I now have fibre and at last a connection which will no longer restrict me. I also have far more space than before as you can see in the photos. I will also make a video about the move and showing the new setup. I am now back up and running and videos will resume within a day. This has all been made possible by our Patrons so a massive thanks to all of them!



  1. Wow Dan absolutely Awesome! You’re just making the excitement for me that much more intense cause recently my incredible Fiancee’ and I were offered a 3 bedroom house with a massive 2 car garage to build my Mod-Shop-ManCave lol and I have been losing sleep over it fantasizing about it. There’s a huge story behind the incredible blessing we accepted from her Boss but lets just say Great things do happen to good people and those who wait! Awesome place you have there I will be moving mid July and will of course keep you posted of all the Dreams I have had for years as the arrive and I install Woot Mod On brother I wish you much Success and great Fortune throughout the coming years Dan you most certainly deserve it!!!

  2. Absolutely brilliant. I for one have been waiting patiently. Welcome back, looking forward to the future.


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