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Welcome to a new era in liquid cooling. Our goal is to shake up the market, to cause quite literally a renaissance of new ideas and creations. We have the edge when it comes to experience and the fact that we are true enthusiasts not focused only on profits. We intend on showing up the competition and pushing them to improve. As enthusiasts we just want to see the technology advance more quickly. Monopolies push technology backwards and make it less accessible to the masses. We need more variety, more competition, more ideas, more imagination, more creativity and better tech!

If you choose to purchase our products you are also improving our YouTube channel because 100% of the profits go directly to our channel.The countdown begins, there are 4 days remaining until the release. There are 6 versions of DDC and of D5 components. They attach directly all Protium Reservoirs.

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The options are not yet on our site so contact us at [email protected] to let us know which version you would like once that information becomes available on the 28th of this month.

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