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Spectre 3.0 Antumbra is the next limited edition dark version of Spectre 3.0 inspired by the different shadows created during an Eclipse. It has an updated version of the triple layer distribution plate with a black central layer, grey tinted rear layer, and clear front layer, making it darker than Penumbra. The reservoir and cable management areas are transparent and still visible from both sides. The reservoir has twice the fluid volume compared with the stock Spectre 3.0 reservoir, and the design has been updated compared to Penumbra to have more symmetry and a different style. The logos have been updated and there is a new logo on the back of the distribution plate which displays the unique product number. Antumbra customers have the option to purchase a version with the Spectre 3.0 PowerBoard. The PowerBoard will not be available until the first or second week of December and is still mostly top secret for now with very little official information available. Customers with questions may contact us at [email protected]



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