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In case you have been living under a rock, we put up a newspaper article yesterday which local media did about us. I hadn’t read it and honestly still haven’t. This is because I got through the first few sentences this morning and was too angry to continue. It turns out it was not just missing a bunch of facts but half of it was literally made up. Someone from the media spotted one of our team in the hardware store a few weeks ago and started asking him questions. They ended up interviewing him and we told them what we were up to with Jay building a case for the Post Malone build. So they took out half of the story and put up the article the next day without letting us proof read any of it. They used private photos without our permission also. Considering the issues this has caused I have requested a public statement from the paper explaining why they changed the facts. Seriously who trusts the media these days when they cant even get the simple things right. I have spent my life building things that is what I love. I always look on the positive side. It is amazing that we are collaborating with people like Jay. He is really a great guy, I have spoken with him personally. He is direct, hard working and competent. These are all qualities I aspire to. I have been a big supporter of Jay for a long time and will always be. This is frustrating but a good lesson to us about the media. We will definitely need to be a lot more careful from now on. They are in it for themselves, they are a business, they tell their viewers what they want to hear. Anyway I will focus on the far more important things which is building, building, building! I should make a video about this, you will see it within 24hrs. We apologize for sharing the article before reading it and most of all we apologize to Jay. We put so much into this and it is such a positive thing. I look forward to seeing a statement from the journalist responsible for this. Be sure to checkout Jayztwocents channel/video.


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