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The build is now complete and it looks amazing! This is what Dechlan says about our Spectre 2.0 case:

This is an incredibly unique case which has been designed from the ground up by an Australian company call Singularity Computers. The main chassis is constructed from a thick distribution plate which can be seen in the photos with a D5 pump build into the main body. When ordering the case, the client was able to engage directly with the company to talk about the specifics of the case for the engravings on the reservoir. This case can also come shipped with two vertical GPU mounts as well as several other customisations. It is worth checking out a lot of their products as they are high quality and some of the best customer support I have ever experienced.

We would like to thank Dechlan and Keezila for choosing our case and supporting us!
Please checkout and follow Dechlan profile in for the full album and for more build!


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