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We now have all of the different bolts available for building high end water-cooled systems and modding. The correct bolts are very difficult to find. For example just for radiators M4, M3 and 6-32 threads are used depending on which brand of radiator you go for. Stock bolts are included with most radiators but if you want to change your configuration then there is nothing you can do. For example bolts might be included for mounting your radiator directly to your case but what if you want to mount your fans in between. I have tried to find bolts for modding many times but I end up looking everywhere and then paying far too much. Here you can find every bolt thread type and every size you need for component mounting and modding. Also most stock bolts look terrible. SC bolts are almost all custom made. They are all black, the bolts are button head, I had them designed to look as clean as possible with no printing or branding. These are the bolts I use in my own systems, its great to now have a full range available.

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