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The Spectre manifold is built from acrylic on a CNC router. There are 7 layers of acrylic of varying thicknesses. Each layer represents an important aspect of the design. We have used gaskets instead of o-rings for higher quality and durability. Thre are 6 gaskets in the design. We have used stainless steel fasteners and thread inserts, there are no acrylic threads. This is important for maximum quality and durability. There are 115 stainless steel fasteners representing $50 of value just in the manifold. The manifold has two important sections of the loop built in. The loop layout is specifically designed for a single loop with a CPU water-block or Monoblock and Dual or Single GPUs, memory water-blocks will also work just fine. The manifold also has the reservoir and pump top and cover built in for a D5 pump. The fill and drain ports are built in, you can choose what you would like to use for fill and drain systems on the included G1/4″ threads. Something important about Spectre is that not just the liquid cooling system is integrated but also the cable management. Each integrated component represents significant cost savings and cuts down on build time. Now us enthusiasts dont care much about cutting down build time but imagine what else you can do with your time. Instead of pointless installations, cable management etc, you can get creative and put that time into modifying something else. Layer 1 is the motherboard tray, layer 2 is the front of the cooling system, layer 3 is the central cooling system panel, layer 4 is the rear of the cooling system and the first cable layer, layer 5 is the main cable layer and layer 6 is the rear cover. The manifold has many hidden features for example cable routing around the outside in hidden channels for fans, lighting, etc.

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