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We have created the ultimate D5/Reservoir combination unmatched in versatility. 7 ports at 90 degrees and full 270-degree rotation so that you can mount the combo facing three different directions. Direct to radiator mounting with the Universal 120/140mm Back Plate. Horizontal adjustment at 10mm increments for offset mounting options. 360-degree rotation for the reservoir cap. Spare ports for temperature sensors, fill and drain. A quad port 90-degree cap is included to reduce fittings and a triple port cap is also included for more compact scenarios. There are 5 material and finish options available to suit your build, including the famous Singularity Computers crystal-clear Polished Acrylic, Frosted Acrylic and Acetal and for the metal components Black and Silver Anodizing. The Singularity Computers Acrylic Surface Protection Feature gives our products maximum chemical resistance and lifespan.

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  • 5 Protium 150 D5 – Reservoir Combos.
  • 5 Protium Aesthetics Kits.
  • 3 Protium D5 Lids.
  • 3 Radiator Fastener Sets.
  • Protium O-Ring Set.
  • Universal Mounting Rails.
  • Universal Back Plates.


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