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I have spent many years looking for a good painter. I have been through all of the best painters in my area and I have never once been satisfied with their work. This is yet another paint job done by a professional painter in a high end spray booth and it was not up to my standards. I will be painting this over the weekend in an experimental special effect. I have no idea if it will actually work which is why I will of course be testing it first. It involves a Gold Metallic and Candys, just wait till you see it, I think its going to be the most epic paint job I have done yet.



  1. is this cost effective, time & material?

  2. Yes cant you let us see the before and after. Why was the paint job done by a so called professional so bad in your opinion. Nothing wrong with your opinion mind as I would go with yours any time of day looking at your builds and paint jobs.


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