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I knew our fans would understand and appreciate what went into this case. Not just the creativity in the ideas but the skill required to do machining like this. The front panel was produced on a CNC mill with a 14hr machine time. Most of that time was just the finishing done with a tiny tool which goes backwards and forwards for many hours. If you consider the average machine rate charged by a machine shop and also the 65hrs of CAD and CAM done by an engineer you will realize that the value in this case is beyond any of the systems I have ever built and that is without any components. Thank you to our legendary engineer James Passmore who designed and built this case. He is also responsible for many of the other ideas in Singularity Computers Liquid Cooling Components. This was a privilege for us and a very special project. Again we would like to thank Jay (Jayztwocents) for this opportunity, also remember to check out the video here. I am so grateful to see our dedication lead to something like this and I can only hope that others can also follow their dreams.

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