Arterial Dual 360mm Water-Box – Silver

Arterial is a dedicated high-end water-cooling system enclosure with a distribution plate which integrates the reservoir, pump tops and pump covers. A water-box is an external water-cooling system which is separate from the case and it houses the radiators, fans, pumps and reservoirs. Arterial fits dual 85mm thick 360mm radiators, push pull fans and a dual D5 configuration in series. The flow layout has the pumps right before the outlet to the system, then returning from the system the flow splits into parallel and runs through both radiators at the same time, then back to the reservoir. The water-box has inlets and outlets on both sides and the back. The reservoir volume is large to make filling easier and there is an internal and external fill and drain port. All components are CNC machined, the manifold is built from cast acrylic and the enclosure from 6061 aluminum with billet structural sections and 3mm sheet for the outer panels. The fasteners are stainless steel.

Note: Pump/s not included.


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Specifications & Included Items:
Arterial Water-box Enclosure. 6061 Aluminum. CNC Machined. Anodized.
Distribution Plate. Clear Cast Acrylic. CNC Machined.
D5 Pump Tops. X2. Clear Cast Acrylic. CNC Machined.
Protium 3.0 D5 Pump Covers. x2. Clear Cast Acrylic. CNC Machined.
D5 O-rings. X2. Clear Silicone.
SC Stop Fittings. X2. Brass. Powder coated. Laser Etched.
Acrylic Side Panel Window. X1. Clear Cast Acrylic. CNC Machined.
Spectrum 2.0 50cm 5V D-RGB LED Strip. X2.
Dimensions: W: 370mm x H: 522mm x D: 180mm.
Packaged Dimensions: W: 450mm x H: 600mm x D: 200mm.
Weight: 8.5kg.
Packaged Weight: 9.5kg.

Integrated Reservoir, D5 Pump Top, D5 Pump Cover, Fill-port, and half of the cooling loop.
Cost savings due to water-cooling component integration.
All components CNC machined from a solid block of material.
Built from 6061 Aluminum and Cast Acrylic.
All stainless-steel fasteners.
Uses gaskets instead of O-rings for increase durability.
Fits 2x 360mm 85mm thick radiators with push pull fans.
Adjustable radiator mounts to align the radiator ports to the integrated liquid cooling ports.
The Reservoir is designed for easy filling and air removal.
External and internal fill port for easy access.
The included LED Strips light up the entire distribution plate.
Modder friendly, no rivets, low component count, easy to assemble and disassemble.
Crossflow airflow design with extra ventilation on rear and top panels.
Inlet and Outlet ports on both side panels designed for 20mm through panel fittings.
Cable routing hole on both side panels.

Design & Engineering:
We have been building high end water-cooled systems for over 15 years. Our approach to product development begins with a need for our own builds and so the origin is always function. From there we start to build ideas around this function and the aesthetics and everything else follows. The original ideas for our products came from years of building highly customized, high end water-cooled systems and trying to reduce the exceptionally long build times and complexity. Our approach to development is hands on, we are using and testing our own products every day.

Manufacturing & Quality:
Almost all components of Arterial are CNC machined from a solid block of material. There is no hidden or back side, and this also goes for the components being installed. Due to this we selected the most high-end materials manufacturing process. The Distribution Plate is machined on a CNC router built from thick sheets of cast acrylic. It is hand assembled with silicone gaskets and stainless-steel fasteners, and pressure tested. The metal components are machined with extreme precision from solid blocks of 6061 aluminum on a CNC mill then sand blasted and anodized.