PowerBoard Linking Cable 12VHPWR ATX 3.0

One of the benefits of the PowerBoard is that the cable lengths have been standardised and the cables are very short meaning they do not require any cable management. PowerBoard Linking Cables connect your motherboard and GPU to the PowerBoard, they are 1:1 extensions but with female connections on both ends. PowerBoard PSU Cables connect your PSU to the PowerBoard and are the same as your stock PSU cables just shorter. These are high quality 16AWG Heatshrinkless Black Sleeved cables specifically designed for the PowerBoard. The 24pin and EPS are arched meaning the inner cable lengths are shorter than the outer cable lengths.

SC PowerBoard Cable 12VHPWR ATX 3.0:
For ATX 3.0 PSUs with 12VHPWR. It can be be connected from the PSU to the PowerBoard and from the PowerBoard to the GPU. It can also be connected directly from the PSU to the GPU. This cable is 600W and has communication between the PSU and GPU.


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Specifications & Included Items:
PowerBoard Linking Cable 12VHPWR ATX 3.0: 16AWG. Black Sleeved.
Weight: 0.08kg.
Dimensions: L: 300mm x W: 20mm x H: 12mm.
Packaged Weight: 0.1kg.
Packaged Dimensions: L: 320mm x W: 30mm x H: 20mm.

This cable is designed to be used between the PowerBoard and GPU and it can be directly connected from the PSU to the GPU.

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