Resonance 2.0 ARGB D5 Reservoir Combo Single

A new take on the pump and reservoir combination which exponentially increases versatility compared to traditional options. Resonance 2.0 Single has 8 ports with 4 on each side meaning it is capable of a vast number of loop routing options. It has 2 outlets and 6 inlets, 6 of these ports can be used for fill, drain or accessories. The dimensions and ports were designed based on statistics from the water-cooling system layouts in many builds. Resonance 2.0 Single has an integrated Reservoir, D5 Pump Top, D5 Pump Cover, and parts of the loop. The mounting systems has 3 axis adjustment for maximum compatibility, port alignment and fitting into tight spaces. Direct to radiator mounting with a universal 120/140mm back plate. Resonance is optimized for mid tower cases and upwards, the height of Resonance is the same as an ATX motherboard, although it can fit into smaller cases being overall more compact than traditional pump/reservoir combos.

Note: Pump/s not included.


Specifications & Included Items:
Resonance 2.0 Single Manifold: Clear Cast Acrylic, CNC Machined. x1.
Resonance Mount: 6061 Aluminum, CNC Machined, Anodized Black. x1.
Resonance Universal 120/140 Back Plate: Aluminum, CNC Machined, Anodized Black. x2.
SC Stop Fittings: Brass, CNC Machined, Powder coated, Black, Laser Etched. x6.
O-Rings Silicone White 70 Durometer: Protium D5 O-Ring: x1.
Spectrum 2.0 30cm DRGB LED Strip: x1.
Fasteners Stainless Steel: M4 8mm Button head. x2.
Weight In Package: 1KG.
Product Weight: 0.75KG.
Package Dimensions: 355mm x 135mm x 110mm.
Product Dimensions: H300mm x W86mm x D131mm.

Resonance 2.0 is designed to be mounted onto any 120mm or 140mm wide radiator via the universal back plate. The mounting system has 3-axis adjustment for alignment with components and ports. There are ports on both sides of Resonance for maximum loop routing options. A D5 pump will need to be installed (it is not included), make sure the included O-ring is in position. A long fill tube is recommended 20-30cm.

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