DDC Distribution Plate Pump Top

The Singularity Computers DDC Distribution Plate Pump Top is compatible with all Singularity Computers distribution plates which have an integrated pump top. So with this pump top you can change from the D5 to the DDC pump, which is particularly useful if there is not enough space for a D5.


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Specifications & Included Items:
DDC Distribution Plate Pump Top. Clear Cast Acrylic. CNC Machined.
O-Rings: Silicone Black: x2.
Dimensions: H: 14mm x W: 88mm x L: 88mm.
Weight: 0.05kg.
Packaged Dimensions: H: 15mm x W: 100mm x L: 120mm.
Packaged Weight: 0.06kg.

All Singularity Computers Distribution Plates with integrated pump tops.

Different fastener lengths are required depending on the product you are installing the pump top onto which is why fasteners are not included. The pump top is designed for M4 fasteners. Make sure to install the 2x small black O-Rings onto the back of the pump top before installing it onto the distribution plate. Install the DDC pump using the O-Ring, Fasteners and Pump Cover which came included with the pump. Custom DDC pump covers can also be used.

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