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Spectre 3.0 Integra Proxima Limited Edition Case (SI)

The next generation of Spectre has arrived in the form of a Cyberpunk themed limited edition. The distribution plate is a new design with triple layers throughout all fluid routes for improved flow and aesthetics. The PowerBoard has been redesigned for increased power delivery with all choke points removed. The layout has been changed to improve connector locations, and three direct connect SATA 2.5” drive positions have been added which are accessible from the back of the distribution plate. The PowerBoard has integrated capacitors for noise and ripple, and includes both ARGB and UV LEDs with a switch to use both at the same time, or one or the other. The CNC machined 6061 aluminum case frame components has been redesigned to improve strength and aesthetics with some unnecessary components being removed increasing integration. There is an IPS 1920×480 60Hz screen included on the PSU side shroud. There are glowing panels on the PSU Top Shroud, PSU Front Shroud and Rear IO Panel. The front and/or top panel distribution plates now have two flow layers allowing the coolant to flow up one side and down the other. It has increased fluid flow, airflow, and volume.


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