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Spectre Integra-M Dark Case (SI)

Spectre Integra-M has much of the water-cooling loop integrated along with a fully integrated solution/replacement for cables with the Singularity Computers PowerBoard. The reservoir, pump top, pump cover, fill and drain ports and part of the cooling loop are integrated. The PowerBoard supports the most high-end components and features built in filter capacitors, more integrated LEDs facing inwards and outwards, integrated direct connect SATA, power, and reset buttons, and a touch activated power button. There is now no rear access needed to the case due to the PowerBoard, all cables can be connected from the front and little to no cable management is required. A standard set of black sleeved linking cables are included with the case. Integra-M has integrated PowerBoard LEDs facing inwards towards the motherboard tray and outwards towards the distribution plate. There are two separate sets of LEDs for ARGB or UV, and they can be switched on or off, or from UV to ARGB via two switches on the PowerBoard.

Spectre Integra-M Dark:
Spectre Integra-M Dark has a space theme with aesthetics inspired by fighter jets and spacecraft. It has a 3-layer distribution plate unlike Spectre Integra-M which has a 2-layer distribution plate built from clear acrylic. Spectre Integra-M Dark has a clear acrylic cover and motherboard tray, the main distribution plate layer is grey tinted acrylic, the rear distribution plate layer is clear acrylic, and the rear cover is satin black acrylic. The reservoir volume is much larger allowing for easier filling and bleeding, and increased flow.


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