Spectre Integra-M Elite Silver

Spectre Integra-M Elite replaces the front and/or top radiator panel with a distribution plate on Spectre Integra-M and Spectre Integra-MA. This enhances the transparent ‘Spectral’ look of the case, further showing off the coolant and internal components. It is mostly an aesthetic feature although it does increase fluid volume. Spectre 3.0 Integra Elite has one inlet and one outlet, when installed on the front panel the ports are at the top, and when installed on the top panel the ports are at the back so that they are close to the ports on the main case distribution plate. Connections can be made to the water-cooling components in the build and the Spectre 3.0 main distribution plate. Radiators can still be attached and there is ventilation around the perimeter of the distribution plate and through the ventilated sections on the front. There is an LED strip positioned on the edge of the distribution plate and an included ARGB 5V Addressable 50cm LED strip. Spectre 3.0 Integra Elite is compatible with all versions of Spectre 3.0 including limited edition.

Note: When using Spectre Integra-M Elite on the front and top panels the radiator thickness for both radiators is limited to 30mm.


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Specifications & Included Items:
Manufacturing Process: CNC Mill. CNC Router. Laser Cutter.
Materials: 6061 Aluminum Anodized. Cast Acrylic.
Gaskets: Silicone Black.
Fasteners: Stainless Steel Silver.
Ports: x2 G1/4” BSPP. 1x Inlet. 1x Outlet.
5V ARGB UV LED Strip 50cm.
Assembly: Assembled by hand.
Testing/Validation: All Distribution Plates are factory pressure tested and precise fastener tension is applied.
Packaged Weight: 2.5kg.
Packaged Dimensions: 50mm x 300mm x 80mm.

The Spectre 3.0 Integra Elite Distribution Plate installs the same way as the stock front and top panels. The distribution plate needs to be removed from the radiator mounting panel so that the radiator can be installed. Connections can be made to the water-cooling components in the build, and the Spectre 3.0 main distribution plate in any order provided that the Elite has flow coming in and going out. The radiators can be attached normally and have the same adjustment as the stock Spectre 3.0 front and top panels.

Design & Engineering:
We have been building high end water-cooled systems for over 15 years. Our approach to product development begins with a need for our own builds and so the origin is always function. From there we start to build ideas around this function and the aesthetics and everything else follows. The original ideas for our products came from years of building highly customized, high end water-cooled systems and trying to reduce the exceptionally long build times and complexity. Our approach to development is hands on, we are using and testing our own products every day.

Manufacturing & Quality:
Almost all components of Spectre Integra-M Elite are CNC machined from a solid block of material. There is no hidden or back side, and this also goes for the components being installed. Due to this we selected the most high-end materials manufacturing process. The Distribution Plate is machined on a CNC router built from thick sheets of cast acrylic. It is hand assembled with silicone gaskets and stainless-steel fasteners, and pressure tested. The metal components are machined with extreme precision from solid blocks of 6061 aluminum on a CNC mill then sand blasted and anodized.