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Spectrum 2.0 DRGB 30CM LED Strip

One of the most important aspects of lighting your PC is being able to hide the light source. We have created an LED Strip which is extremely low profile, narrow and it is also flexible. With a width of 5mm and a high of just 1.5mm it is perfect for hiding in tight spaces to achieve the best lighting effects. It can be cut to your desired length further increasing the possibilities. Spectrum 2.0 has 18 DRGB individually addressable LEDs. It is 300mm long and has a 500mm cable to reach your motherboard even in larger cases. It is compatible with any motherboard or controller which is ARGB.


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Specifications & Included Items:
Spectrum 2.0 DRGB 30cm LED Strip. 18 DRGB Individually Addressable LEDs. 5V.
Dimensions: L300mm x W5mm x H1.5mm.
Packaged Dimensions: L310mm x W10mm x H10mm.
Packaged Weight: 0.05kg.
Cable Length: 500mm.
Cable Color: Black.
LED Strip Adhesive: 3M.
Connector: 4pin (3 wires for DRGB).
Adaptor: Male to Male. Female and Male connection possible.

Installation: Warning only use on a 3pin 5V ARGB header. Using on a 4pin 12V RGB header will damage the LED strip and void your warranty.

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