Wraith 2.0 Volta Black Case

PowerBoard Info

The Singularity Computers PowerBoard is essentially a distribution plate for cables. In Wraith 2.0 Volta is fully integrated replacing the entire rear wall of the case. Behind it are two acrylic covers, one clear with laser etching and another satin black cover. The PowerBoard integrates the 24pin and 8pin EPS, PWM & ARGB Hubs, direct connect SATA 2.5” and 3.5”. It also has integrated ARGB LEDs around the perimeter and under the motherboard, a touch activated power button, power and reset buttons and an on/off switch for the ARGB LEDs. The PowerBoard reduces cable clutter meaning there is more space for liquid cooling components and loop building. Volta fits a high-end water-cooled cooled system with 2x 240mm radiators, the largest GPUs, any size SFX-L PSU and pump and reservoir. There are two PSU locations depending on the configuration you prefer, the rear PSU location allows larger pump/reservoir combos to be used and the front PSU position allows more 3.5” drives to be installed.

The following cables are included with the product: 24pin x1, 8pin EPS x1.
If other cables are required they are available
Optional PowerBoard PSU Cable Kit is available