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Wraith 3.0 Silver Case

PowerBoard Info

Wraith 3.0 is a compact case capable of housing a high-end water cooled system. It fits ITX and DTX motherboards, SFX-L PSUs, the largest GPUs, and 2x 240mm 30mm thick radiators. The case is specifically designed for water-cooling with a distribution plate which integrates a reservoir, D5 pump top, D5 pump cover, fill and drain ports, and parts of the cooling loop. It also has a Singularity Computers PowerBoard which integrates the 24pin, EPS, PWM & ARGB hubs, and it has integrated ARGB LEDs which light up the distribution plate.

The following cables are included with the product: 24pin x1, 8pin EPS x1.
If other cables are required they are available
Optional PowerBoard PSU Cable Kit is available

Note: Pump/s not included.


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