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Check out this epic Spectre 2.0 Build by DBX Customs, be sure to follow him on Instagram for more awesome builds

Build Config/Specs:
Singularity Spectre 2.0 W/ Front & Top Elite Kits in Silver
AsRock X570 AQUA Limited Edition #998/999
AMD Ryzen 5950X 16-Core 5050Mhz Single Core OC /4.7Ghz ALL CORE (12K CB R20 Score)
GSkill 32GB 4x8GB 3800Mhz CL14 DDR4 at 1.5V
ASUS ROG STRIX RTX3090 OC +130=2175Mhz/+1500-22Gbps Water-cooled with Bykski Water block w/ Integrated Active Backplate
ASUS ROG THOR 1200W Platinum PSU
2TB NVME Samsung 980 Pro Gen4 (OS-Win11Dev)
4TB NVME XPG SX8100 (Games)
1.2TB Intel 750 Series PCI Express NVME (Scratch Drive for Editing)
4TB Raid SSD Thunderbolt (2x2TB Crucial MX500 (Media Storage)
2x 360 Copper Radiators by BarrowCH Chameleon Fish Series in Matte Silver
9x 120mm Lian Li SL120 Silver ARGB Fans
Front Elite kit with 6 fans on push/pull config (Exhaust)
Top Elite Kit with 3 Fans (Exhaust)


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