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Can you tell what case this is? To me that is what makes a great mod, I love trying to figure it out when I am looking at other peoples work. I have completely redesigned and rebuilt this case. The quality and strength now is as high as it gets. It now fits dual 360mm radiators 60mm thick with a single set of fans. It has an extra set of 120mm fan mounting positions on the midplate which can be used in combination with radiators. It has SSD mounting positions on the removable PSU shroud, with a cable cover. The entire case can be dismantled in minutes because it is now completely bolted together, no rivets. I used 6mm acrylic sheet for the new structural front and top panels but everywhere else I have used 1.5mm aluminium so everything you see is aluminium panel. This isnt a mod that will last for many years, it is something that could be sold as a high quality product and it is designed for extreme water-cooling. The custom paint is DNA Silver Flare Metallic with DNA Matte Clear Coat, this is extremely high end 2K automotive paint, as hard and durable as it gets. A huge thank you to our sponsors who made this build possible. Mwave was great to work with and I would love to work with them again in the future. Also thank you to Gigabyte, GSkill, Sapphire and Fractal.


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