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After 15 years of creating the most extreme water-cooled PCs on the planet I have decided that the products currently on the market are not enough.
Protium like all of our products is refined in ways only possible from years of water-cooling experience. The caps can be rotated to face any direction thanks to our aluminium retention ring design. This also means that you don’t have the problem of an acrylic on acrylic thread which can be difficult to tighten. Protium is designed for maximum compatibility with 7 ports. The 90 degree ports allow for hidden inlets or outlets. We have created a feature with our caps with three different materials/finishes to choose from. With the addition of a single LED the acrylic caps can light up part of your build and cause the coolant to glow. The frosted acrylic version works as a light diffuser and creates a beautiful soft glow. Singularity Computers is known for quality, you only need to look at our portfolio from the last decade. CNC machined components, anodized aluminium, polished acrylic to a level you will not see anywhere else, evenly frosted acrylic and a perfect milled finish on the acetyl.

Protium reservoirs work perfectly with Ethereal and Core Reservoir Mounts.

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  1. Will you be producing a pump top to go with this reservoir? You’ve been such a vocal proponent of combining the pump and reservoir into a single unit for such a long time now that I find it hard to believe you’d go back to separate components now that you’re designing your own.

  2. Hey, great to see you’re now designing this stuff! Do you have any reviews out there?
    Not sure if its viable for you but you might wanna drop Jay from jays2cents a line – he’s probably the best known youtube guy when it comes to water cooling and people pay attention to his opinions. I’m sure he would love to review these things and give a full guide to millions of people that subscribe to him.

  3. How does one use a led for the pump tops and bottoms!? So difficult to find out. I wish your YouTube page would show your different products, instead of me having to search through a bunch of your builds.


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