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The Protium Material Kit contains the Acrylic/Acetal components required to assemble the Protium D5-Reservoir Combo or Protium Reservoir. This kit can be used for updating the material/color/finish of the mentioned products. It includes the Protium D5 Pump Top, Protium Quad Port Cap and Protium Triple Port Cap. The Protium D5 Pump Top is up to revision 43 after many years of development and perfecting the design. It has 3 inlets and 1 outlet to increase loop routing options. It can be mounted facing in three different directions with direct to radiator mounting using our Universal Back Plate (available separately). The Protium Quad Port Cap has 4 ports including 90-degree ports to reduce fittings. The Protium Triple Port Cap is low profile allowing for tight configurations. Protium Material Kit options include the famous Singularity Computers crystal-clear Polished Acrylic, Frosted Acrylic and Acetal. The Singularity Computers Acrylic Surface Protection Feature gives our products maximum chemical resistance and lifespan.


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