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Protium our new tube reservoir is now in stock at Performance PCs and Mainframe Customs in the USA and HighFlow in Europe, it is also available here at Singularity Computers.
After 15 years of building extreme PCs I have decided that the products on the market are not enough. Our goal is to advance technology at a far more rapid rate by challenging the monopolies with superior ideas.

Protiums design has many aspects that only a true enthusiast will understand. We have aluminium retention rings to give fully rotating ends so that you can face the ports where you want them to be. Maximum compatibility for tube routing with 7 inlets/outlets total. 90 degree ports for hidden inlets/outlets. We do not have any acrylic on acrylic threads which often feel like they are tight but they are not and so cause leaks. Our caps do not need to rotate to tighten and so they will not put unnecessary sideways pressure and heat onto the o-ring, which wears it out very fast. I could go on but I think you understand that ‘designed by enthusiasts’ actually means something.

We will have D5 and DDC pump components for Protium in February.

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