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There are some epic components in this build, I cannot wait to finish editing the build log and share this one with all of you. Some of you who are looking closely will see that I have broken one of my strict rules for building a loop, which rule have I broken 🙂 ? I have covered it well btw.

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  1. You have made a mistake with watercooling the gpu`s.
    It`s not normal & it is also not a paralel loop…..The way you watercooled the gpu`s is wrong in my opinion because they don`t get any fresh water the way you config it. The tube goes in on the right bottom and leaves on the right also…..This is only good if the right middle tube between the gpu`s was NOT there. The way you have done it……then the tube exit on the top of the gpu must be on the left…..NOT on the right.

  2. Water cooling is done as a whole like an electric circuit. Doesn’t mean three resistors in series don’t each receive the same current. There is no such thing as fresh current i.e. fresh water. But I agree the path with the tubes between the Graphics cards is not configured correctly. The fluid would just move in a straight path past one graphics card to the next, not completely through the cards. Liquid needs to move from externally to internally then externally again. If you create an external – external path, you won’t get full internal filling as it is bypassed.

  3. Hey Daniel. Really awesome build as always! Keep it up! Haven’t you broken your don’t cross/overlap tubbing rule? ???????? Greetings from ????????


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