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This build will be air cooled for now, but the customer is sending the build back in a couple of months to be water-cooled. So I thought I would do a video on it to show the whole process. Also to show some performance results for Ryzen.

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  1. Really cool on this one as well, I can not wait to see what you guys have install for this build. I have a similar in the works right now I have been tweaking since launch day. I will post build log in forums. I got Crosshair 6, Ryzen 7 1800x (OC to 4025MHz) & Trident Z RGB (14-14-14-34 @1.35v) 3200MHz. Waiting on Vega release to see where going for video cards team green or team red. Will also be adding (3) Hardware Labs Black Ice Nemesis 420GTX radiators to this red/orange themed Ryzen Core P3 build.


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