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The radiators, fans, reservoir and coolant have arrived for CB21. So I can now complete the build, which means the rest of the build log will be up soon.


  1. Hello Daniel,

    I probably seem like a stalker lol seriously I’m not I just love the work you do and I’m excited I’ve been wanting for you to work on my build for a while now. I sent you my address so you can let me know how much it would be to ship my case and parts to you. I also would like to upgrade a few parts maybe even my case to the case labs magnum 10 the Goliath case you just reviewed but I need to know would it be better for me to order it directly and have it sent to you or have you build a box then wait till I received everything and then ship to you. Let me know my email is darkmage733 at hotmail dot com. I will wait to hear from you thanks in advance. It’s 5:18am where I’m at currently but you can reply anytime.

    • Hey. I am quoting the shipping for you now. If you would like to upgrade the case it is best if I purchase it from my end and have it shipped directly to me. It will save on shipping and I also have excellent shipping insurance which will cover everything. If you upgrade the case it means you can send all of your parts to me without having to get the flight box sent to your location first. I have sent you an email with a few options. So we can discuss from there. Cheers and sorry about the delay.


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