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As you can see from the photos Client Build 22 had a coolant color change. The customer had a change of heart and requested all lighting to be removed and the coolant color to be changed to dark blue. I had to remove the lighting mod I did which was a little disappointing, but I am a minimalist and this build now has nothing which is necessary. I do like the blue, but I preferred the UV because it worked better with the blue flake in the custom paint, and the MDPC-X B Magic. I used Mayhems Blue Dye to color the loop. The build is now complete and about to be shipped.


  1. Tbh I do really agree with the customer, the UV light had a really cool effect but it was not spreaded enough, with the Blue coolant everything comes together because that huge monoblock it’s finally colored. only thing, I would have kept the lighting on the reservoir or bought an alphacool res led-ring to give it a bit of light, since in this way the res liquid looks slightly more dark than the rest of the fluid, but tastes are tastes 😛 and this system is really beautiful.

  2. You have got the “parallel loop” bug stuck up my ass! I can not do it on next rig build next month (Mini-ITX for nephew’s wedding present April 1017), but will on my Feb build for bad ass micro-ATX lan party rig for me! You make technology artwork and it is beautiful!


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