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This video covers the completion and first boot of the Singularity Computers NAS Build. I mostly focus on custom wiring because that is what most of the time went into when building this system. I am going to upgrade this system soon

Parts List:


  1. Hey Daniel,

    It’s Pablo been trying to reach you about my build not sure if you’ve gotten any of my emails lately but I’m a little worried. If you could contact me back it be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


    • Hi Pablo,

      Thank for you contacting us.

      Unfortunately, Daniel is sick right now but i’ll let him know that you contacted him and he’ll get back to you asap.

      Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding


      • No I’m sorry. I didn’t know and I hope everything is well with Daniel. I just haven’t heard from him and I started to get a little worried. I hope he gets well soon and if there’s anything on my end that I can do to be of any help let me know. I will wait for him to update me on my build but let him know there’s no rush. Thank you again.


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