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We have recently updated all of our product photos to reflect the improvements we have made to our packaging. Over the past 6 months we have been working on a number of improvements to our products. We have constantly been trying to improve our acrylic polishing to the point where it is as clear as possible. We have finally achieved this and we are very happy with our new methods. Acrylic polishing is difficult and expensive which is why no one else does it, we have the only polished acrylic products on the market. It adds a substantial production cost. We have also improved machining accuracy and finish on all products. We have updated our stop fittings to low profile with a tool for compatibility on dual reservoir configurations and tight builds. We will be adding a laser etched logo very soon to our new stop fittings also.
We are different to others in that our goal is to create perfect products and all that is needed to do this is time. We have no further changes planned to our current products at this point, only the introduction of new products.

To celebrate the latest improvements to our product lines we are running a 10% discount for the next three days. Use coupon code ”SC10APRSALE ‘ (without the quote) during checkout

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