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Recently I uploaded a video of a mystery project and a lot of you were intrigued. I have an update video coming up soon. I talk a bit more about what this actually is and cover a few days of work on it.


  1. Nice plug. Let me know if you need any pointers on layup and bagging. I’ve done thousands of composite parts over the years for aerospace and racing. Happy to share what I know. Keep up the great builds and videos.

    • Hey. More info is always welcome, I will definitely take you up on this. I am about to do the final paint job on it now actually. I am going to go right through to clear coat because I know I can get a really good finish with the clear I use. I have it very close to perfect now, Ive taken it right back to 1500 grit. Once I paint it Ill cut back the orange peel with 2000 then 2500 then 3000 and then I will buff the surface until its like a mirror. After this it will get 5 coats of wax because we are using wax instead of PVA. I have someone else who does carbon fibre and fibre glass professionally who is going to make the moulds and do the carbon fibre. It wont be prepreg unfortunately but he will vacuum bag it. If he doesnt do a perfect job then I will try this myself so I will stay in touch. Cheers.

      • Vinyl ester or epoxy resin? I wouldn’t worry about not using prepreg. You can do a very good job without it. The vacuum bag job will likely have some pinholing unless he’s doing resin infusion though. Seriously though, contact me by email. I’ve got years of experience machining, doing composites, and developing products like your reservoir mounts, plus I do CAD design and metalworking for a living. I’d love to help the channel out.


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