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Front Panel Pins

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These pins are only used for building or modifying power and reset button and front panel connectivity cables. Personally I customize all of these cables to length in every build. I also use a USB 2.0 connector for connecting the power and reset buttons, power LED, HDD LED to the motherboard header because its far cleaner than all of the small individual connectors.

I have been building custom cables for many years and I have used all of the products that are on the market. These are the best pins I have ever used. They are gold plated for high conductivity. They crimp cleanly and easily. They are difficult to bend and deform, they are a strong pin compared to many others. They are a great pin to work with, they save time and improve the quality of your cables.

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Weight 0.0001 kg
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 0.3 cm

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