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Channelz Dual D5 Reservoir Distribution Plate

AUD$543.80 AUD

This is a Dual Loop Distribution Plate with two separate reservoirs and D5 pump tops.



Designed by Singularity Computers and manufactured in the USA by Performance PCs.

This is a Dual Loop Distribution Plate with two separate reservoirs and D5 pump tops. It is designed as a dual pump reservoir combo to fit into larger cases, some mid towers but mostly full towers (see the dimensions under the specifications below). It comes included with a D5 Retention Ring which attaches the pump to the distribution plate. It has 3 ports per loop, 1 inlet, 1 outlet and a fill port.
It comes included with a DRGB Addressable LED strip.

NOTE: D5 Pump and Cover Not Included.


Material: Clear Cast Acrylic.
Fasteners: Stainless Steel Silver.
Gaskets: Silicone Black.
O-rings: Silicone Black and Clear.
Stop Fittings: Brass Black Powder coat.
Ports: x6. Inlets: x2. Outlets: x2. Fill Ports: x2.
LED Strip: DRGB 5V Addressable.
Dimensions: Width: 245mm. Height: 380mm. Depth 84mm.

Included Items:

Dual D5 Reservoir Distribution Plate: x1.
Stop fittings: x2.
SC Reservoir Retention Ring Black: x2
Singularity Computers Distribution Plate D5 Pump Top: x2.
D5 O-ring: x2.
Spectrum 2.0 DRGB LED Strip: x1.
Mounting Fasteners: M4 22mm Button Head Hex Bolt: x4. M4 Nut: x4.

Install anywhere it fits into larger mid towers or full tower cases using the included x4 M4 22mm Button Head Hex Bolts and M4 Nuts. Check the above dimensions to make sure that it fits into your case. 4 mounting holes need to be drilled into the case with a 4.5mm drill bit. Use the distribution plate as a template for the mounting holes.

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 8.8 × 24.5 × 38 cm

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