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SC Protium D5 Pump Cover Silver

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The Protium D5 Pump Cover mounts a D5 Pump to any Protium Pump Top, Protium D5 Reservoir Combo, Spectre, Wraith or Resonance. It is a 3-piece design including the Retention Ring which threads onto the pump top, the Cover Body which covers the D5 Pump, and the Cover Plate which fits onto the back of the pump. It is compatible with any D5 Pump, and because the Retention Ring can be detached from the Cover Body, it is compatible with the Aquacomputer D5 Next and Aquabus pumps. The Protium D5 Pump Cover improves the aesthetics but also quietens the pump and it includes anti vibration foam on the Cover Plate. It comes in Black and Silver.

Specifications & Included items:
Protium D5 Pump Cover Body Silver x1. D5 Retention Ring Silver x1. D5 Rear Cover Silver x1: 6061 Aluminum, CNC Machined, Anodized.
Anti-vibration adhesive foam x1.
Dimension: H57mm x W75mm x L75mm.

Protium D5 installation guide:


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