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This is todays shipment with the SC Supervisor keeping everyone in line and everything in order. He is actually so used to everyone running around all of the time that if someone stops and stands still he barks at them. Our best wishes go out to everyone, together we are facing a tough challenge that I hope we can overcome as quickly as possible with the least amount of impact.
Singularity Computers will be working right through and we are so far unaffected by the virus aside from a few supply chain delays which have now been corrected. We are closely following the rules and procedures implemented by our government as well as using many of our own measures. We have an agreement between employees to protect ourselves and therefore each other. We are all locking ourselves down to our homes and workplace and are avoiding all contact with the outside unless it is absolutely necessary. This is beyond what our government is recommending for this area at this time, but it is only a matter of time before the rules become stricter, so we will begin early as it has little impact on our operation. This is actually no different to what I normally do. Work 12-14 hours a day locked away in the SC lab building things, so for me there is no change, I just keep going. We intend on working right through even if we go onto full lock down, we will just work from home without much restriction to normal operation. Orders from our store will be able to ship out normally. We are lucky in this situation that we are quite small, we have overcome many challenges previously and so we are used to adapting quickly. I plan on doing more videos through this time as we have just gone through an expansion and so I should have a little more time to complete some projects. We will keep you updated.


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