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Today is Day 7 the final day of the Singularity Computer Vault Giveaway. We are going to throw in a few extras. The final prizes are two vintage Danger Den water-blocks from nearly 10 years ago, one Intel and one AMD. These are beautiful blocks and it is very difficult for me to give them away because I have had them for so long. They have a lot of sentimental value to me. They are something that can never be replaced, a collectors item. If I could keep them I would probably frame them or something, Danger Den made some great hardware back in the day. Also a Steel Series 7G Mechanical Keyboard and we are also including two Max Payne 3 codes from our sponsor Gamepride. We would like to announce the following offers from Gamepride which anyone can made the most of using the Singularity Computers Coupon Code: SINGUC100K , Good luck and enjoy!

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To enter you need to show off your rig or comment on any topics that you like on the Singularity Computers forums. You can only enter once. Winners will be chosen based on the creativity of their builds. Good Luck!

This giveaway has ended.

Giveaway Winners:

  • Day 1 prize : 4870X2 – Enderman (Enderman’s S340 Build Log ~ “White Heaven”)
  • Day 2 prize : Danger Den and a Bitspower 5.25″ bay reservoir – Coolingaddict (Build Log)
  • Day 3 Prize : EK-DDC X-RES 140 and Lamptron 6xCCFL Splitter – Zgosh (Build Log)
  • Day 4 Prize – 23x EK-HD Adapter 12/16mm-Black Nickel Fittings and 4x 500mm lengths of EK 16mm Acrylic Tube + two Max Payne 3 codes – Pete “Project Shelfie”
  • Day 5 Prize – Steelseries Sensei mouse and a set of MNPCTech Billet Alloy Handles Blue Anodized by Singularity Computers + two Max Payne 3 game codesMax build’s
  • Day 6 Prize – Two Swiftech Apogee water-blocks the original Apogee and the XT, also DEMCI filters 2x 360mm, a 240mm and 560mm filter + two Max Payne 3 game codesSotos Amethyst Sky Build
  • Day 7 Prize – Two vintage Danger Den water-blocks & Steelseries 7G Mechanical Keyboard + two Max Payne 3 game code + one Call Of Duty Black Ops III game codeGodsarmy – Project “Resurrect”



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