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After over 10 years of building systems Singularity Computers has decided to open up the vault and giveaway some relics from the past. Some of these items have great sentimental value and have become collectors items. We are also throwing in some other prizes including some game codes.

One of the reasons for this giveaway is to celebrate our new partnership with Gamepride who is a new sponsor of Singularity Computers. Make sure you Checkout Gamepride here and use our coupone code SINGUC100K to get 10% of all deals , a big thanks to them for their support.

Over the next 7 days we will be giving away a prize every 24hrs. This giveaway will be a little spontaneous because you wont find out what the next prize is until 24hrs before it is given away.

One winner will be chosen each day for 7 days. Winner will be pick based on the aesthetics and creativity of the build log posted. no entrant may win more than one prize.

To enter you need to show off your rig or comment on any topics that you like on the Singularity Computers forums. You can only enter once. Winners will be chosen based on the creativity of their builds. Good Luck!


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