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We have another creation ready for you. After 18 months of development we are finally ready to unveil Spectre. Spectre is the first production case with a distribution plate and the first case exclusively designed for liquid cooling. We have taken the design path of integration with Spectre. Roughly half of the liquid cooling system is integrated and comes with the case. This means that there are enormous liquid cooling cost savings. Half of the cost of the case is in the included components and about 80% of the development also. The reservoir, pump top, pump cover, fill port, drain port and parts of the loop are built in. It is a mid tower case but one of a kind when it comes to component compatibility. You will have no problems fitting the thickest radiators, the longest GPUs or PSU, it is designed for maximum compatibility. Cable management including cable combs are also all built in. There are hidden channels all the way around the case for fans and lighting. There is a lot more I could say but I will save it for Linus 🙂

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  1. im waiting on the next one that has vertical gpu mount


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