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First of all I would like to say thank you to all of our customers and for your patience. Spectre has now been in mass production for over a month. Spectre is obviously not a normal case, it is a liquid cooling system, has integrated cable management and many other unique features. There are far more manufacturing techniques and components involved than any case previously due to the integration. There are components which need to be built on a CNC Router, some on a CNC Mill and some on a CNC Lathe. There are gaskets, at least 10x the usual amount of fasteners found in a case and many more unique components. We are able to produce all of Spectre ourselves in our own workshop, except for things like the fasteners, gaskets etc. We can only produce at quite a small volume though. Our initial estimates of demand were far too conservative and so we had to very quickly engage suppliers. Our workshop is setup more for design and prototyping than mass production. The challenge with suppliers is MOQs which are usually 500-1000. It took time to make agreements with all of the different suppliers we need for Spectre to reduce MOQs to a level which suits us. More importantly it has taken time to work with suppliers to meet our standards. We have a great company based in Texas who is making the distribution plates and aluminium sheet components. We have worked with them for three months prototyping so that they fully understand the product and our standards. Due to the time it has taken to build relationships with our suppliers we have had to produce far more cases in our workshop than expected. We have excellent equipment, 2 CNC Mills and a CNC Router, but we have a small team. We are working as quickly as we can. Spectre is a dream come true for us and the most important thing is that it is perfect.

The case will come flat packed with the distribution plate fully assembled and pressure tested. So the remaining parts will need to be installed. We will have a clear installation guide video and it is not a challenging product to assemble.

Spectre content will begin on our channel soon and I will be presenting all of the features and details of Spectre, so many of which no one knows about yet. The first batch of cases are in assembly and testing and will be delivered during June. We encourage you to share your builds as much as possible and we cannot wait to see what you come up with!

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